Meet the Team

Year 6

Mrs C Clark

Mrs C Clark

Teacher (Absent)

Miss L Westwell

Miss L Westwell


Mr A Lacey

Mr A Lacey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Clarke

Mrs E Clarke


Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is a significant year for our children and we want to ensure that every child is working to achieve their full potential.   In Year 6 it is imperative that the children enjoy school life, but also work to become more self-motivated, independent learners - ready for the years ahead.  It is really important that we work together on this journey, if you have any queries or concerns, please do speak with any of the team after school, by making an appointment through the office or via email at

Let's make this last term the most memorable for our children in Year 6.

Thank you,

Mrs Clarke, Miss Westwell and Mr Lacey


Summer Update


Timetable / Key Dates






Bring in your Personalised Learning Book (PLB), Reading Book and Homework Diary every day.


Spelling test

New Spellings



PE Kits - Badminton

Homework set - due day varies




After-School  Booster 3:30-4:30pm

PE Kits - Rounders








Tasks: Every Tuesday, your child will be set spelling homework. Your child will be shown how to complete the task in class before attempting to complete it at home.  They will also get personalised learning tasks to be completed.

SpellingsWe will share words linked to a spelling rule we have been practising in class for your child to learn each week. There will also be an set of statutory words, which will not be linked to the spelling rule. There will be a spelling test the following Monday.

Reading: Books will be changed once the children have completed their reading quiz on Accelerated Reader.  We expect children to change their book at least once every two weeks.  Please access reading in other ways such as through local libraries, books you have at home and which enables you to access a range of books online for free. 

Fancy a Maths challenge? Check out 'Wild Maths'

Mathematics is a creative subject. It involves spotting patterns, making connections, and finding new ways of looking at things. Creative mathematicians play with ideas, draw pictures, have the courage to experiment and ask good questions.

Wild Maths is a collection of mathematical games, activities and stories, encouraging you to think creatively. We've picked out some of our favourites below - have a go at anything that catches your eye. If you want to explore games, challenges and investigations linked by some shared mathematical areas, click the link below:

Nrich Maths



Year 6 Overview

Click the links below to access additional times-table practise and Star quizzes on the books you have read.









Dinners: School dinners are back to a choices menu. You may select packed lunches. Do inform us of any changes. Water bottles from class will be available out in the hall, however all children can access water in the dinner hall.


Water: Please ensure that your child has a bottle of water every day, labelled with their name, to keep them hydrated throughout the day and to drink with their lunch.


Snack: The children can bring in a healthy morning and afternoon snack, which must be kept in their coat pocket, separate to their lunch boxes or bags.


P.E kits: We will be doing PE outside as much as possible so please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit for this. Their kit can remain in school for the half term. Please take out or tape up earrings on PE days. Children may bring in plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings for outdoor PE sessions.


Forest School: We still want the children to come to school in their Forest School clothes on Forest School days. Do not forget - they will still need to bring their change of footwear and waterproofs in a bag. Please ensure that the clothes sent to wear are not for ‘best’ and that they will be appropriate for the weather conditions. Please bring a bag with an additional coat and wellies on the Forest School dates.

Year 6 Statutory Tests (SATs)

Week commencing Monday 13th May 2024


The Year 6 residential will be from Monday 20th—Wednesday 22nd May 2024. 

Details about the venue can be found at:






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