Adverse Weather Procedures

If snow is forecast during the coming weeks, here is a quick reminder of our procedures:

  • If school is closed due to bad weather, we will send a text (ParentMail) to all parents. If you wish, you may telephone the school in the morning to confirm if we are open. Tel 01282 865242
  • We will post the information on our school Facebook page.
  • You can check our website after 8am. Updates to the site are also done throughout the day.
  • You can visit the Lancashire County Council site:

If snow starts to fall heavily during the school day, and conditions deteriorate, we may close school early.  Here are our procedures:

  • Our first step would be to text parents (ParentMail).
  • We would publish the early closure on our school website and on our Facebook page.
  • We then contact Radio Lancashire who will broadcast an early closure.

If arrangements can’t be made for a child to be collected early, please be assured we will keep children safely in school until 3.30pm. There will be no After School Club if school closes early.

  • Check our school website/Facebook regularly, if possible.
  • Keep your eye out on the weather during the school day.
  • Try to group together as parents to pass information round quickly and share the Facebook posts.

And finally:

If you change your mobile or home phone number, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct contact details for you.

We will do our very best to open during any snowfall, and we ask you to do your very best to get your children here. We will not routinely authorise any absences during adverse weather if parents live within walking distance.