16 October 2020

Image of Year 2 - What's the Animal Sculpture?

Today, Year 2 worked as a whole class team to make a GIANT animal sculpture! They first chose the animal they would like to make using what they have learnt in English and Science about African savannah animals. Next, as a class we disigned how it would look before the children gathered all of the resources on their own. When all the resources had been collected, the children worked hard to create their Africian animal. 

Back in class, they made this riddle for you to guess the animal... Have a go and try to guess :) 

I am a herbivore, 

You call a group of me a 'tower', 

I have 7 letters in my name,

I am spotty, 

I have a really long neck, 

What am I?

Y2 Forest School - Animal Sculpture

Tags: Class of 2025 Science English Art & Design Forest School PSHE