19 November 2020

Image of Year 1 Mystery visitor!

On Thursday, Year 1 were very surprised to find that a mystery visitor had entered our classroom whilst we were practising for the nativity! What a mess they made! They knocked chairs over, they left mud on the table, some straw on the floor and even a half eaten apple! We couldn't believe that someone or something had sneaked in without us noticing. We spent the afternoon looking at the clues, asking questions and making predictions about what it could be. We had lots of good ideas, including a kangaroo, a sheep, a penguin, a horse, a donkey, a reindeer, an elf and even Father Christmas! Mrs Smith said she would ask Mrs Stinchon to check the CCTV for us and let us know in the morning.


Today the mystery was revealed...it was a pig! We think it could smell our apples in the snack bowl!


What an exciting way to start our English topic about farm animals!


Year 1 Mystery visitor!

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