13 September 2022

Image of Year 4 - Roald Dahl Day 2022

We wanted to make our first news article a special one in Year 4, so decided to wait until Roald Dahl Day! We have been super busy completing lots of different Roald Dahl activities. 

This morning, in class, we read an extract of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and compared the 'Chocolate Room' from both movies. Next, we used what we knew about the Chocolate Room to design our own and wrote down a detailed description about it. In our description, we tried to write like Roald Dahl and include our own made up portmanteau words (combining 2 words to make a new one i.e. breakfast & lunch = brunch, banana & strawberry = banaberry). You will have to wait for pictures of these as we have not yet finished. 

After lunch we had our first Forest School lesson of the year and completed tasks all liked with 'James and the Giant Peach'. We had to hunt for centipedes, find objects of different colours, use sticks to make our own spider webs and then locate different seeds (like the old man gave to James). 

Take a look at our photos! 

Year 4 - Roald Dahl Day

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