21 March 2023

Image of Blankets & Hot Chocolate... in an English lesson?!

Today, in English we had a very different English lesson. We were all able to bring in blankets, get snuggled up and drink hot chocolate, while learning! 

While continuing to focus on our English unit, 'Float' by Daniel Miyares, we thought it would be best to get into the role of the character by experiencing what he does. He had not had the best day... he has become drenched, lost his new paper boat and was upset. Luckily, he had just arrived home and was drying off, while drinking a hot chocolate, so we decided to join him! 

While we were all wrapped up and drinking the deliciousness, which came with whipped cream and marshmallows, we worked together to think about how this made us feel. We described the smell and taste of the drink and discussed alternative vocabulary, as well as many similes! 

Take a look at our photos! 

Tags: Class of 2025 English