21 June 2023

Image of Blackpool Zoo 2023

Year 4 had a very exciting and packed day at the Zoo, yesterday! 

After leaving school in the rain, we arrived at Blackpool for a day of great weather and lots of animals! During our time at the zoo, we saw 90% of all the animals there! Our animals highlights were seeing wolves, getting up close (other side of the window) to a lion, seeing 2 baby monkeys playing and getting wet by cheeky dinosaur! 

Additionally, we had a 30 minute lesson from Blackpool Zoo staff and got to see / touch an elephant tooth, parrot feathers, a turtle shell, camel fur a rainmaker and snake leather. As a special treat, we had the option to stroke or hold a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. 

After this, we continued to explore and when walking through the Lemur woods had a private talk all about the 20 they have. Before watching the Sea Lion show! 

Side note - The Seagulls were on top form and really enjoyed trying to steal children's lunches! 

Blackpool Zoo 2023

Tags: Class of 2025 Science