4 October 2023

Image of Year 4's Exciting Journey into Electrical Circuits!

Calling all proud parents and curious minds! Get ready to be amazed by the incredible achievements of our Year 4 students as they embark on an electrifying adventure into the world of circuits!

It's a groundbreaking moment as our young inventors were tasked with independently creating their very own electrical circuits. Armed with the necessary resources, they successfully brought their ideas to life, sparking innovation and sparking joy in the process! 

Not only did they manage to construct a variety of circuits, but they also demonstrated their understanding by skilfully recording their achievements in their Science books. 

Witnessing their enthusiasm and the confident smiles on their faces while lighting up their creations filled our hearts with pride. It's amazing to see how their passion for learning continues to thrive, empowering them to think critically and creatively within the realm of science and technology.

To celebrate their remarkable achievement, we have included some snapshots of their ingenious creations and detailed circuit diagrams in the comments below. Make sure you take a look and be prepared to be inspired!

Our talented young scientists have truly left us in awe, and we cannot wait to see what other scientific wonders they will unlock in the future! 

Tags: Class of 2026 Science