15 March 2024

Image of Snappy Hiker Inspires KS2 Students during British Science Week

We are thrilled to announce that local photographer, Karl Whittaker - also known as Snappy Hiker - paid a visit to our KS2 classes as part of the exciting British Science Week festivities! 

Throughout his captivating workshop, Karl shared his expertise on capturing a moment in time through the lens of a camera.  He encouraged our children to think deeply about how each photograph can reveal important details about a specific moment.

From ancient drawings discovered on Boulsworth Hill to the incredible sight of kestrels hunting for prey, Karl showed our students how photographs can paint a vivid picture of diverse moments in history and nature. 

Building upon this, Karl posed an intriguing question to our young thinkers: "Is it possible to capture a moment from the past?"  As the rooms buzzed with anticipation, he revealed a mind-blowing fact - we can indeed capture moments from the past! ✨

Karl explained that taking photos of space allows us to glimpse into the past, as it can take light millions of years to reach Earth. Whether it's witnessing a supernova explosion or observing distant galaxies, these celestial images provide awe-inspiring evidence that time travel through photography is indeed possible! 

Our KS2 students were left feeling inspired, appreciating the power of photography to transport us to different moments in time and unravel the mysteries of the past. 

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