14 May 2024

Image of Year 4 Gets Active with Bikeability!

Today, our amazing Year 4 students took part in an exhilarating level 1 bikeability session! 

Split into two groups, our morning and afternoon sessions, our budding cyclists had an absolute blast! They spent their time in the playground, getting their wheels turning and gaining confidence on their bikes. 

Following specific instructions, our Year 4 superstars demonstrated their competence in pedaling, cycling, turning, and understanding how to stay safe while sharing the road with others. Safety first, always! 

And to top it all off, the excitement didn't end there! Our fantastic young cyclists left the session beaming ear to ear, proudly clutching their well-deserved certificates and shiny new badges! 

Thank you to our amazing Year 4 students for showing such enthusiasm and a big round of applause to our dedicated instructors for making this fun and educational experience possible! 

Tags: PE & Sport Class of 2026 PSHE