18 March 2022

Image of Science Fair 2022!

To end our Science Week, we held our 4th annual KS1 & KS2 Science Fairs, back in school! It has been a terrific day and we have loved watching every child explain what they had researched / investigated or completed an experiment on. The children were full of SO MUCH information and were able teach parents, visitors and teachers many things along the way! 

To say the topic was about 'growth', we were expecting to just find out about how things grow... But how wrong we were! We learnt about plants, planes, trains (sadly, no automobiles), mold, germs, volcanoes, renewable energy, photosynthesis, phototropism, achondroplasia and many many more! 

It has been wonderful to see so many scientists and the work they produced. 

We can't wait to announce the winners next week!

Thank you to everyone who took part or joined us today. A special thank you to our judges: Mr Loynds, Miss Harwood, Mrs Rolland, Miss Ridehalgh & our guest judge Beverley Robinson! 

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