30 June 2022

Image of Sports Day 2022

The weather was kind and we all had lots of fun.  The morning session saw KS2 have their sports day in the playground.  In teams they enjoyed the egg and spoon race, the long jump, speed jumping, accuracy throwing and the tug of war!  all the children really enjoyed themselves and it was fabulous for them to have an audience -  Year 6 were particularly pleased to have an audience for their last sports day at Trawden.  The afternoon session, and good weather meant that the field was dry enough for sports day to take place there.  The KS1 and EYFS children were fantastic and had a fabulous time -  the relay was really enjoyed by all.  A big thank you to the Sport Champions, who worked tirelessly setting up events, taking photos and demonstrating.  A huge thank you to everyone who was able to come and support our children - it was wonderful to all be back together.



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