2 February 2024

Image of Year 4's Hot Chocolate Experience!

Today, our incredible Year 4 students had a truly scrumptious time immersing themselves in a hot chocolate extravaganza! 

As part of our English Unit - Float by Daniel Miyares, our tale Year 4 class not only had the chance to enjoy creamy hot chocolate, but they also brought their own snuggly blankets and pillows to create the ultimate cozy atmosphere! 

The excitement was palpable as the children indulged in delicious hot chocolate topped with generous dollops of whipped cream and dainty marshmallows. The aroma of chocolate filled the air, making it impossible not to feel the warm and fuzzy vibes radiating throughout the classroom! 

Beyond the delightful taste and comforting sensation, this experience provided a valuable opportunity for our Year 4 students to expand their vocabulary and take brave steps into the world of literature. 

To bring the session to a serene close, we dedicated some time to preparing for Children's Mental Health Week, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of looking after our minds and well-being. While still nestled cosily in their blankets, the children enjoyed a soothing meditation session accompanied by relaxing melodies. 

Let's keep the positive vibes going by encouraging our little ones to express themselves, explore literature, and take care of their mental health. 

Tags: Class of 2026 English PSHE